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It's important that you know the facts and follow best practices to get a good crypto experience and safeguard your money. 

About CoinWise


I have been obsessed with cryptocurrencies since 2013 and researching the sector ever since.  I have a good technical understanding and also a good track record in sucessfully investing.

Safety First

Crypto is still in it's infancy and it's truly the Wild West.  There are scams and schemes everywhere.  Many which aren't evil are simply incompetent or some dude in his basement.  The advice here will greatly help you to avoid the pitfalls all around.

Maximum Enjoyment

Crypto can also seem very complicated in this early stage.  However, the advice here will lead you to the most simple and satisfying ways to use cryptocurrency.  With a little learning about the very basic and important parts, it really doesn't have to be difficult at all!


Easy Step-by-Step Guides

On this website you can find my guides to performing the simple tasks involved in buying, using and protecting your cryptos.


You can contact me with specific questions for a small fee.

Independent and Trustworthy

CoinWise has no outside affiliations and hence no agenda apart from helping fellow enthusiasts and people new to the space.

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